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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 5 - Students
Previous Publication Date: October 15, 2010
Publication Date: January 11, 2021
Policy Reviewed Date: September 11, 2020
Policy Owner: VP for Academic Affairs

5.02 Regulations Relating to Student Organizations


Students, faculty and staff seeking information and the processes and procedures relating to registered and sponsored student organizations are referred to The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Student Organization Handbook.  The Handbook contains the policies, regulations and procedures relating to student organizations at UTSA. The Handbook is available from the Office of the Student Activities or at


The regulations stated in the Student Organization Handbook outline how a student organization becomes registered on campus, and maintains its status as a registered or sponsored student organization. The Handbook also reflects the related current policies and practices including the stated Rules and Regulations of The University of Texas System (UT System) Board of Regents, and the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures.


The policy applies to student organizations, student organization advisors, and student organization members and leaders.




If you have any questions about HOP policy 5.02, Regulations Relating to Student Organizations, contact the following office:

Office of Student Activities


An undergraduate or graduate student enrolled, at UTSA, in at least one credit hour who and has paid all applicable tuition and fees.

Student Leader
A person meeting each and all of the following criteria shall be officially recognized as a student organization leader:  a) An undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in at least one credit hour at the University; the student need not be enrolled during the summer semester; b) A member in good standing of a student organization currently registered with the University; and c) A student whose name appears in a student organization’s registration materials as an officer or authorized representative.

Registered Student Organization
A separate, independent entity from (UTSA) whose membership is composed of UTSA students, or a combination of students, faculty, and staff; which has complied with the registration procedures to be officially registered (granted approval to operate on campus) by the University. 

Sponsored Student Organization
A registered student organization created by a University department or division to support the ongoing interests of the University community.  A sponsored student organization is considered to be critical to the mission and culture of the University and is inherently linked to the University due to their role as University representatives; thus a sponsored student organization is an integral part of the institution and routinely presents events for the University and surrounding community.  A sponsored student organization has an advisor that is paid by the University to specifically advise the organization. 

Faculty/Staff Advisor for Student Organization
An advisor must be either a faculty member (not on sabbatical) or a staff member at UTSA. The faculty or staff member must be employed at the University at least part-time and in a benefits eligible position.  Unless it states otherwise in their position description on file with human resources, faculty and staff may only advise two student organizations.

Student Organization Handbook
The document that outlines many of the rights and responsibilities of registered student organizations at UTSA.


Student Group requesting status as a Registered Student Organization

  • Complete the procedures/process found in the UTSA Student Organization Handbook.  Links to Forms and Tools/Online Processes are provided below.

Student Organization registering as an existing Registered Student Organization

  • Complete the procedures/process found in the UTSA Student Organization Handbook.  Links to Forms and Tools/Online Processes are provided below.

Student Organization registering as a Sponsored Student Organization

  • To be considered a sponsored student organization, the student organization must complete the process outlined in the Sponsored Student Organization Approval Process Section of the Student Organization Handbook (SOH). A link to the SOH is found above. 


In order to establish and maintain registration as a student organization the procedures outlined at must be followed and completed in full.


All forms for new student organization registration can be found at

All forms for registering an existing student organization can be found at