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Handbook of Operating Procedures
Chapter 5 - Students
Previous Publication Date: July 2, 2013
Publication Date: January 11, 2021
Policy Reviewed Date: November 2, 2023
Policy Owner: VP for Academic Affairs

5.06 On-Campus interviewing of UTSA Students for Purposes of Employment


The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and The University Career Center (Career Center) promotes professional relationships with representatives of business, industry, government, education and the military services for the purpose of facilitating employment and internship opportunities for students and alumni. 

All prospective employers wishing to recruit and interview UTSA students on campus for employment must comply with the standards established by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). They must also comply with UTSA policies related to recruitment and solicitation.  


The policy establishes the requirement that all prospective employers wishing to recruit and interview on campus must be screened by Career Center staff.  It also outlines procedures that prospective employers must follow.


This policy applies to all external prospective employers wising to engage in on campus interviewing and recruitment



  1. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  2. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
  3. Titles I and V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
  4. Texas Labor Code, Chapter 21 Employment Discrimination
  5. National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice
  6. NACE College Career Services and University Recruiting
  7. NACE A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring


If you have any questions about HOP policy 5.06, On Campus Recruitment and Interviewing of UTSA Students For Purposes of Employment, contact the following offices:

University Career Center, Assistant Director of Employer Relations

University Career Center, On Campus Recruiting Coordinator

University Career Center, Director




The NACE College Career Services and University Recruiting and Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring will be followed to ensure consistent, fair recruiting practices.

  1. University Career Center On Campus Recruiting Coordinator
    1. Manages all on campus interviewing sessions, information sessions, table recruiting and other recruiting events
    2. Manages all on campus interview schedules and related information sessions and controls any changes requested by employers.
  2. Assistant Director of Employer Relations
    1. Acts as the approving authority for validation of registered and authorized employers recruiting on campus.
    2. Provides general information to employer representatives regarding curricula, degree requirements, University demographics and other academic processes and procedures pertinent to recruitment activities.
    3. Screens for conflicts in approved scheduled student and alumni employer related recruiting and career events and notifies event planners of possible conflicts or overlaps.
    4. Ensures the Career Center is the central point of information regarding employer recruiting and career related networking events.  
    5. Enforces student recruiting and Federal EEOC policies, ADA, State law, NACE and UTSA policies and procedures to ensure that all involved individuals afford students and alumni fair and equal access to employment opportunities.



  1. All firms, agencies, associations, and other organizations that desire to recruit UTSA students and alumni on campus must not discriminate during employment recruitment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status or disability. Some employers have been blocked from recruiting on campus due to EEOC violations, questionable recruiting practices, and/or inappropriate solicitation of company services and products.  The Career Center has a current listing of these blocked employers. To ensure that on-campus recruiting and interviewing is conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations the Career Center established the procedures listed below
  2. UTSA colleges, departments, development offices, faculty, staff and student organizations must notify the Career Center On Campus Recruiting Coordinator or Assistant Director of Employer Relations two weeks in advance of employers visiting the campus for the purpose of the following career related activities (including, but not limited to):
    1. on campus employment and internship recruiting,
    2. information sessions or employer panels about employment at a company or in an industry,
    3. employer classroom presentations and employer networking sessions. 
  3. All employer representatives wishing to interview or to recruit students or alumni on campus must contact the Career Center On Campus Recruiting Coordinator a minimum of three weeks prior to visits to secure authorization for interviewing purposes, for scheduling and obtaining interviewing space and to determine interview schedules and/or facilities if having an information session or career event is attached to the recruiting effort. This time lead also allows for effective eligible student outreach.
  4. All arrangements will be tentative until the employer is verified to be a registered, authorized employer in RowdyJobs (Student Job bank); that they have posted a legitimate employment position in the student job bank and, if wishing to Table Recruit on campus, that there is a signed table recruiting compliance agreement on file in the Career Center On Campus Recruiting office.
  5. If scheduling an information session on campus, employers will be charged a $50.00 deposit for use of the facilities and facilities support.  If the need arises to cancel, the employer must cancel no later than three business days prior to the scheduled information session.  If the cancellation is done within three business days of the event or information session, the deposit will be kept by the Career Center.
  6. Upon arrival on campus, all employer representatives must check in at the Career Center offices (Main or Downtown campuses) to obtain necessary information regarding their scheduled interviewing and recruiting activities.
  7. All student and alumni interviewing activities on campus will follow EEOC guidelines and procedures.
  8. During the recruiting process it is necessary to safeguard student and alumni personal information. This information will only be released to employers only after the student/alumni has authorized employer viewing through the student job bank. 




All prospective employers must complete the online registration through the UTSA University Career Center Website:

To schedule table recruiting dates, use the following online request form:

To schedule information session dates, use the following online request form:



XIII. Dates Approved/Amended