Rowdy Watch Student Patrol

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Julio Zarate

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I'm a sophmore majoring in Criminal Justice. I was born and raised in Austin,TX. My dream job would be to work somewhere in the government and deal with criminals. Favorite sport is football and my team are the Green Bay Packers. I've done Rowdy Watch since my freshman year and love it. It's an easy job and we help keep the UTSA community/campus safe for you and provide escorts.

Arthur Avila

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I am a second year senior pursuing my undergraduate degree in accounting. I'm from Houston originally, but San Antonio has always felt like home. My hobbies include video games, competitive and recreational BBQ cooking, bine watching fanatic, and country music connoisseur.

Tom Avila

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Howdy, I'm Thomas Avila, a Houston native with a permanent residence in San Antonio. I am a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio studying accounting, in my second year in the Business School after transferring from the Art Department. My hobbies include writing, painting model kits, and exploring the winding roads of the Hill Country in my WRX. I joined Rowdy Watch because as a community and establishment, UTSA has been such a positive impact and change in my life. It is my hope that my work with UTSA's Department of Public Safety will help me give back to the community, and to keep them safe.

Fernie Jimenez

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Hi, I am a senior at UTSA and pursuing my bachelors in Criminal Justice. I aspire to to be a criminal investigator in the near future. I enjoy hiking, traveling, watching Mixed Martial Arts and spending time with family. Rowdy watch has been a great job to see campus life and meet different students!

Ashley L.

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This is my first year at Rowdy Watch and at UTSA. I love that my job has given me a chance to meet new people and get familiar with our awesome campus.

Dubelsa Villarreal

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Hi! My name is Dubelsa Villarreal and I am a freshman pursuing a Criminal Justice major. As of career goals, I would like to become a homicide detective or a criminal investigator for the FBI or HSI agencies. I enjoy traveling, playing golf, and volunteering. Rowdy Watch has given me the opportunity to engage in campus life as well as helping our UTSA community. Birds up!