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Active Shooter & Threat Resources

Active threats can be one of our worst fears, and they can happen when we least expect it. We must do what we can to be prepared for these unspeakable events. UTSA Public Safety understands the critical nature of community preparedness for active shooters and active threat incidents. We strive to bring forth educational and training opportunities for the community to help cultivate a survival mentality and promote a better community response. 

We encourage you to view our Active Shooter Survival video, which teaches a survivor mentality and the principles of Avoid, Deny, Defend. You can also find a great deal of information in UTSA’s emergency response guide

Our Patrol Division partners with our Community Engagement Unit section to offer special training to the community on how to respond to these threats. As part of the training, our subject matter experts will teach you important principles aimed at increasing the chances of survival. We also cater the training to student groups, faculty and staff spaces, and any other university needs. Contact the Community Engagement Unit to schedule your training.