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Community Alerts

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The Department of Public Safety has several ways of sending out notifications and alerts to the community. There are four primary reasons we send out community alerts: timely warnings, emergency notifications, community notifications and important alerts.

Timely Warnings

The Clery Act requires institutions to issue a timely warning when a Clery crime, occurring within Clery geography, poses a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community. The intent is to aid in the prevention of similar crimes.

Emergency Notifications

The Clery Act requires institutions to issue emergency notifications upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on the campus that involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees.

Community Notifications

We partner with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to stay aware of any issues or incidents that may have an impact on the UTSA community and that may not reach the level of timely warnings or emergency notifications. This could include any incidents occurring within the city of San Antonio that are close in proximity to a UTSA campus, but do not have a direct impact on the university operations. Many times, these alerts will start with “avoid the area,” or something similar, to ensure the Roadrunner community stays informed. This information is guided by outside agencies, so while we make every effort to obtain this information, it is possible for an incident to occur and we are not informed about it right away.

Important Alerts

We are always seeking information that may be important for the community to know about, but that does not rise to the level of concerns for the safety or security of the community. Examples of important alerts that we send out are road construction, special events that impact traffic, weather events and anything else that could be important information for Roadrunners. Important alerts are typically posted on our social media platforms. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.