HUB Subcontracting Plan


In all contracts for professional services, contracting services, and/or commodities with an expected value of $100,000 or more, The University of Texas at San Antonio (“UTSA” or the “University”) will indicate in the purchase solicitation (e.g. RFQ, RFP, or CSP) whether or not UTSA has determined that subcontracting opportunities are probable in connection with the contract.

A HUB Subcontracting Plan is a required element of the architect, contractor or vendor Proposal to the purchase solicitation. The HUB Subcontracting Plan shall be developed and administered in accordance with the Policy. Failure to submit a required HUB Subcontracting Plan will result in rejection of the Proposal.

Last Revised On: 01/23/2019

Owner/Host: HUB

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