Credit Card Administration Training

Credit Card Services administers and manages UTSA's One Card Program. It is recommended that any faculty or staff member traveling on UTSA business take the One Card Reconciliation and Payment Processing training course.

You will learn about the guidelines and policies associated with the use of the Citibank® One Card for purchases, travel and special events. You will also learn about One Card reconciliations, payments and non-compliance levels.

After completing this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify cardholder responsibilities when issued a One Card
  • List purchase and business restrictions
  • Recall regulatory and UTSA requirements for purchases and travel
  • Follow policies for using contracted travel and car rental agencies
  • Determine if suppliers are on hold with the State of Texas or US restricted parties list
  • Correctly download monthly One Card statements
  • Export One Card statement transactions into an Excel spreadsheet and add supporting documentation (receipts, proof of vendor search, BEF, etc.)
  • Identify elements of and submit One Card payment vouchers
  • Recall internal payment deadlines
  • Demonstrate knowledge of One Card non-compliance consequences

UTSA faculty and staff receiving a Citibank® One Card and any administrative staff or department managers involved in the credit card process.

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