How to Create a Receiving Report

NOTE: Central Receiving is managed by the Office of Financial Affairs.

Entering a receipt is required for orders funded with state or federal funds or capital and control assets, or more than $4,999.99 (excluding Amount Only).


State Fund Codes: 21xx (any code starting with 21)

Fund Codes: 5100-5499 [federal, state, local and private grant, contracts and agreements (majority are federal)]

Capital: Any equipment, other than software purchased on Sept. 1, 2009, or later, with a unit cost of $5,000 or more is considered "capitalized equipment" and is recorded to UTSA's inventory

Controlled Items ($500 to $4,999.99): Stereo system, cameras/video recorders, computer, data projectors, TV/VCR/camcorder/LaserDisk player

Controlled Items (at any cost): Guns, handguns rifles, automatic weapons, shotguns, artwork

NOTE: DTS will not process payment if receiving report has NOT been completed.