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Support Team
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Christina De La Rosa
Disbursements & Travel Specialist II
(210) 458-4828
MS Teams

President's Office VP Business Affairs
VP Development & Alumni Relations VP Intercollegiate Athletics
Academic Innovations

Erecelia Neaves
Disbursements & Travel Specialist II
(210) 458-5915
MS Teams

VP Academic Affairs Office of the Provost
*COS - Biology and Science Dean Academic Success & University College
Honors College VP Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise

Teresa Vela
Disbursements & Travel Specialist II
(210) 458-4836
MS Teams

College of Business College of Engineering & Architecture
UTSA Libraries Graduate School

Esther Salazar
Disbursements & Travel Specialist II
(210) 458-4215
MS Teams

College of Education & Human Development College of Liberal & Fine Arts

Student Affairs

John Swisher
Disbursements & Travel Supervisor
(210) 458-4840
MS Teams

College of Health, Community and Policy VP Strategic Enrollment
VP Information Management & Technology Solutions School Data of Science
All Wire Transfers PO troubleshooting

Rochele Stribling
Disbursements & Travel Specialist II
(210) 458-6979
MS Teams

*College of Science

Alyssa Favila
Disbursements & Travel Coordinator
(210) 458-5367
MS Teams

Global Initiatives All Travel and Participant Advances