Direct Deposit

Why Should I Use Direct Deposit?

You should sign up to receive all refunds through direct deposit, a safe, confidential, convenient and fast way to get your money. Since the money goes directly into the bank in the form of an electronic transfer, there’s no risk of a check being lost or stolen.

Direct deposit benefits include:

  • No more trips to the bank to deposit a paper check
  • Funds are typically received two to three days quicker than by mail
  • It is free

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Setup is easy and done through your myUTSA Account.

  1. Log in to your myUTSA Account
  2. Click on the Fiscal Services tab
  3. Click on Direct Deposit
  4. Follow the instructions to enter your banking information
  5. Sit back and receive your refund faster than a roadrunner

Note: Any fiscal holds will temporally suspend your direct deposit and send a check to Fiscal Services.