Special Handling

Understanding What Items Require Special Handling

For the environmental health and safety of the UTSA community, there is a list of items that require special instructions, may not be picked up by Surplus Property or require additional approvals.

Items Not Picked Up by Surplus

These items should never be mixed with regular recycling. Dispose batteries and toner cartridges properly by taking them to the mail room (locations: MS and Durango buildings) and placing in the designated labeled container. Please have toner cartridges boxed or bagged before submission. EHSRM staff will collect and recycle from those containers.

For more recycling information, please visit UTSA’s official recycling information page.

These items require special care and must never be sent to Surplus Property. For removal, relocation or inquiries on how to obtain artwork, consult with Art Specialist and Curator of the UTSA Art Collection Arturo Almeida at extension 4983.


Items that Require Additional Approvals

Examples include: biological, radioactive, corrosives, flammables, asbestos, chemicals, etc.

You must ensure that items that contain or have contained hazardous materials are inspected and cleared by the Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) office prior to completing the Asset Transfer Request or the Surplus Property Turn-In Form, as applicable.

Once items are cleared by EHSRM, attach the inspection clearance documentation to the Surplus Turn-In Form and ensure the form is complete (there is a check box for items that were in labs that were cleared.)

Refrigerators and freezers being turned in to Surplus Property must be cleared for removal by the Laboratory Safety Office if they were used in a laboratory (non-computational lab.)

Contact EHSRM to discuss laboratory items at extension 4420 or visit the EHSRM website. Once your item is cleared by a lab safety officer, complete the Surplus Property Turn-In Form and send it to Surplus Property.

Surplus Property will coordinate with the Facilities team responsible for recovering Freon, as needed. This is a free service provided by Facilities.


Items that Require Special Instructions or Considerations

We highly recommend that you preserve your data before sending computers to Surplus Property. We remove and mechanically shred all computer hard drives. Data cannot be recovered.

When preparing to turn in computer peripherals, place keyboards, mice, cables and wires in a box or container prior to pick up. Complete the Surplus Property Turn-In Form to request pickup of these items.

Modular furniture and partitions can only be picked up by Surplus Property after they have been disconnected from electrical and network outlets, and then disassembled. Prior to submitting a Surplus Turn-In Form for these items, consult with Facilities Services or call extension 6274 to handle the disassembly process.

Pack small, loose items in cardboard boxes before sending to Surplus Property. Complete the Surplus Property Turn-In Form to request pickup of these items. Use the additional page on the Surplus Turn-In Form (Continuation Sheet) if needed. Examples of small miscellaneous items include such items as binders, book ends, paper weights, small cables, pens, post-its, etc.