Leadership Development

Leadership Courses

Talent Management offers a variety of courses for supervisors looking to further develop their leadership skills. Offerings include topics such as building team mission and vision, change management and Difficult Conversations for Leaders. Be sure to check out the Leveled Leadership Courses by Skill resource to view the competencies and skills covered in each leadership course. Many leadership classes are offered in-person and/or virtually to meet your preferred learning style.

Leadership Foundations (Level 1) - Broad understandings of leadership topics related to communication, performance management, building teams and creating a positive work environment.

Leadership Foundations Plus (Level 2) - These courses are an extension of the Foundations courses with a deeper focus on specific topics related to communication, performance, building teams and creating a positive work environment.

Enhanced Leadership: Beyond the Basics (Level 3) - These courses allow leaders to apply existing knowledge and skills while learning new skills to achieve higher productivity while building and retaining strong teams.

Visit MyTraining and search “LDR” to view all leadership course offerings.

Leadership Huddles

Talent Management offers monthly virtual bite-sized learnings about trending leadership topics. These sessions take place on the last Wednesday of each of month and include opportunities for leaders across the university to gain quick ideas while networking with others.

Visit MyTraining and search "Leadership Huddle" to view all sessions as well as recordings of previous sessions.

Bird Bytes – Microlearning Leadership Sessions

Bird Bytes are 15-minute virtual sessions meant to provide small bursts of ideas that can be easily implemented into leadership practices. Join us on Teams the second Monday of each month at 8:30am. Bring your coffee and be ready to feel inspired!

Visit MyTraining and search "Bird Bytes" to view and register for upcoming sessions.

Customized Workshops

Talent Management can customize training for teams looking to grow in specific areas of interest. We ask for four-to-six weeks' advance notice and the opportunity to meet with you to understand the composition of your team and your training needs.

After the initial meeting, we will provide a proposed training plan for you to review and provide feedback. Once a plan is established, we will work collaboratively to design, develop and implement a training that is tailored to you and your team’s needs. If this is something of interest, reach out to Talent Management directly or contact your HR Business Partner to bridge a connection.

Leadership Resources

  • Leadership Toolkit – A resource for supervisors that provides quick access to common supervisor-related processes and topics.
  • People Excellence Teams Channel – Are you looking for a great way to stay connected and up to date on topics and resources offered by People Excellence? Join our Teams channel to learn about upcoming training opportunities, information about benefits and other People Excellence news.