Temporary Staffing Support

What Is a Temporary Staffing Agency?

Talent Acquisition contracts with several approved third-party staffing agencies to provide temporary resources for your short- or long-term assignments. The agency recruits and screens candidates for consideration at a marked-up bill rate. This rate includes the independent contractor’s rate plus the agency fee to employ them (e.g. to pay for benefits, unemployment, etc.). Hiring managers will interview candidates and select the most qualified for the assignment.

Services Provided

Temporary staffing agencies provide the following workforce categories:

  • Administrative professional and office support
  • Information technology and programming
  • Finance and accounting
  • Project management
  • Human resource professionals
  • Communication, marketing and multimedia
  • Procurement/purchasing
  • Warehouse clerks, including shipping and receiving clerks
  • Forklift operator
  • General labor
  • Welder
  • HVAC technician
  • Maintenance technician
  • Plumber
  • Lab technician
  • Engineer

If you do not see a category that meets your needs, please reach out to Talent Acquisition for assistance.

Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency Employee

A person hired through a temporary staffing agency is not an employee of the university. Instead, they are hired as a Person of Interest (POI) independent contractor. The agency invoices the department for hours worked on a monthly basis.

Talent Acquisition maintains contractual agreements with staffing agencies to ensure:

  • They comply with minimum wage, overtime, child labor and equal pay requirements and ensure all applicable laws are followed.
  • They maintain workers’ compensation insurance for those who work for the university and indemnify the university against any liability.
  • They complete university compliance training and meets Title VII and ADEA guidelines to establish non-discriminatory practices.
  • The complete background investigations for temporary employees.

Temporary Staffing Agency Process

Temporary Staffing Agency Process

Once you have identified the need for a temporary staffing agency employee, you will work with Talent Acquisition to review those needs and discuss recruitment solutions. The following is designed to assist you through each step of your request.

The following steps are designed to assist you through the request process. Walk through each step carefully to ensure your request is a smooth process. The Talent Acquisition team is here to answer any questions you may have.

The first step is to ensure funding is available with your budget office. After funding is confirmed, initiate your request by completing the Request for Using a Temporary Staffing Agency form.

After reviewing the request, we will work with your department and begin the recruitment process, which includes reviewing the assignment details, work schedule, work modality, etc.

  • After Talent Acquisition receives the Request for Using a Temporary Staffing Agency form, we will schedule time with the requesting manager/supervisor to review the hiring process and build a draft Statement of Work (SOW).
  • After the meeting, the SOW is sent to temporary agencies to be updated with their bill rate, which includes the independent contractor’s rate plus the agency fee to employ them.
  • Talent Acquisition will forward the final SOW to the department manager/supervisor for approval of the agency bill rate.

After the agency bill rate is approved, the staffing agency will recruit and identify candidates.

  • Talent Acquisition will forward candidates to the department manager/supervisor for consideration and schedule interviews as requested.
  • Once a candidate is identified, Talent Acquisition will confirm with the staffing agency that the criminal background check is cleared for the individual.
  • Talent Acquisition will initiate and route the Temporary Staffing Agency Acknowledgement of Service (vendor only) form with the Statement of Work (SOW) attached for signatures through DocuSign.
  • The Temporary Staffing Agency Acknowledgement of Service (vendor only) and SOW are automatically routed to the Business Service Center to complete the following:
    1. Initiate a POI eForm to appoint the candidate as a temporary staffing agency employee. Once fully executed, credentials are created.
    2. Create a requisition in Rowdy Exchange for approval. When setting up requisition, the department will encumber the entire budget and use commodity code Temporary Personnel Services (80111600).
  • Once a requisition is completed, Purchasing will share the purchase order number with the hiring team and Talent Acquisition. Talent Acquisition will forward the purchase order number to the temporary staffing agency for inclusion on their invoices.

Hiring managers and department administrators should download and use the New Temporary Staffing Agency Employee Checklist to ensure a successful onboarding experience for their new agency employees. By completing these departmental tasks in a timely manner, your new agency employee will feel welcomed by their new team and have the necessary access to start on their first day.



Agency employees will submit weekly timesheets to the staffing agency. The agency will contact the hiring manager to confirm and approve the hours worked. At the end of each month, the agency will submit an invoice for payment.


Invoices from the staffing agency should be processed by the hiring department following their normal invoicing procedures.

Staffing Agency Employee Management

Talent Acquisition partners with staffing agencies to ensure agency employees are meeting expectations throughout the assignment. In the event of performance issues, hiring managers can partner with Talent Acquisition to determine an action plan or possible early termination.

Extending an Assignment

To request an extension of an assignment, please do the following:

  • Email Talent Acquisition with a request to extend the assignment of your temporary staffing agency employee.
  • Talent Acquisition will work with the agency to update the SOW.
  • Talent Acquisition will email the updated Acknowledgement of Service (vendor only) form and route for signatures through DocuSign.
  • The Acknowledgement of Service (vendor only) and SOW are automatically routed to the Business Service Center to complete the following:
    • Update the POI eForm with the new extension dates.
    • Submit a purchase order change to modify the contract amount.

For more information, contact Talent Acquisition.