Petty Cash Reimbursements

Request Your Petty Cash Reimbursement

A petty cash reimbursement form may be used to replenish a petty cash fund, or reimburse a department or employee, who paid out-of-pocket for an unplanned departmental purchase. Approval from the department manager is needed prior to the purchase.

Note: Petty cash reimbursements should only be used when other options like One Card are not available.

Cash Limits for Reimbursements

There is a $50 per day, per vendor limit on petty cash reimbursements. Obtaining multiple receipts less than $50 each in order to circumvent this limit is not allowable.

Allowable Reimbursements

Purchases qualifying for reimbursement through petty cash include lab, office, shop and industrial supplies and parts.

Reimbursements Not Allowed

Items not remaining on UTSA property, such as shipping and handling, food, entertainment expenses, etc. This also includes mileage and/or parking for travel within Bexar County. See Reimbursement for Approved Mileage/Parking for Travel within Bexar County for more information.

UTSA will not reimburse any sales tax paid. To avoid paying sales tax on any approved university purchases, present a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form to the merchant.

How Do I Request a Reimbursement for My Qualified Purchases?

Present a completed and signed Petty Cash Reimbursement to either our Fiscal Services Main or Downtown campus. Your form must include the following: 

  • Your name  
     NOTE: You will be asked to present a valid photo ID to be reimbursed for your eligible purchases
  • Total amount of reimbursement
  • Valid Cost Center to be charged
  • The original signature of an authorized individual on the Cost Center being charged. (If that person is you, you will need to have your supervisor sign the form.)
  • Description of item(s) you purchased with a brief explanation of the usefulness of items, if not obvious