UTSA Marketplace

What Is the UTSA Marketplace?

UTSA Marketplace is an online, storefront e-commerce solution offered by Fiscal Services. It allows you to customize your store to meet the diverse needs of your department or organization. It also gives you full financial reporting for easy reconciliation of store revenue and PeopleSoft.

UTSA Marketplace Benefits

  • Gives your department an “Amazon” like environment to sell various products or registration for events in an online mall setting.
  • Departments supply the graphics and product content and descriptions.
  • Eliminates the need for you to accept cash in your office or by mail. Marketplace is fully integrated with Global Payments. It shares the same 24-hour TouchNet payment engine that students use to pay tuition online.
  • Online payments are fed into the daily PeopleSoft revenue journal, just as if payments were taken to Fiscal Services.
  • Departments have 24-hour access to various revenue and inventory reports through the TouchNet site.
  • UPAY. Allows you to integrate your existing department website or web applications with Marketplace for payments without the need for a Marketplace storefront. It allows Global Payments to integrate into your website for a secure payment system.

UTSA Marketplace

Build Your Own Storefront

Once you are ready to go forward with a storefront, complete the UTSA Marketplace Request and submit it to Fiscal Services. Once we receive your application, a Fiscal Services representative will contact you to set up a meeting with your team and discuss your department needs and options. We will discuss all steps needed to get your store up and running like a Roadrunner.