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About People Excellence

People Excellence is comprised of dedicated team members who are committed to partnering with our campus stakeholders to deliver quality customer service that supports and optimizes the goals of the university.

Our teams are focused on providing employees with an engaging work environment with equal opportunities for development and personal growth. Explore each of our teams below and learn more about how we support UTSA.

Meet our Team

People Excellence Team

Katy Madden

Associate Vice President for People Excellence
Email: Katy.Madden@utsa.edu

Teresa Rodriguez

Business Analyst
Email: Teresa.Rodriguez@utsa.edu

Madison Webb

HR Coordinator
Email: Madison.Webb@utsa.edu

Sandra Urrabazo

Strategic Initiatives Senior Manager
Email: Sandra.Urrabazo@utsa.edu

The HR Business Partners (HRBP) team provides support and resources to employees and leaders across the university, serving as consultants and advisors on human resource-related matters. HRBPs work to ensure fair, ethical and equitable people practices and processes, and they collaborate with stakeholders to proactively identify human resources needs and strategies that align to and support the overall strategic objectives of the department or division. HRBPs are strategic partners and resources for change management, leadership development, workforce strategy, strategic staffing, organizational design, employee engagement and employee relations.

Marie Kuehler

Executive Director, HR Business Partners
Phone: (210) 458-4662
Email: Marie.Kuehler@utsa.edu

Nick Whelchel

Senior Manager, HR Business Partners
Email: Nick.Whelchel@utsa.edu

Tracy Gomez

Senior HR Business Partner
Email: Tracy.Gomez@utsa.edu

Nadia Lopez

Senior HR Business Partner
Email: Nadia.Lopez@utsa.edu

Damion Brown

HR Business Partner
Email: Damion.Brown@utsa.edu

Gerald McCloud

HR Business Partner
Email: Gerald.McCloud@utsa.edu

Brittainy Jones

HR Generalist
Email: Brittainy.Jones@utsa.edu

Sharon Martinez

HR Generalist
Email: Sharon.Martinez@utsa.edu


Senior HR Business Partner, Faculty


Workplace Experience Program Manager

Christina Mata

Policy Analyst
Email: Christina.Mata@utsa.edu

Talent Acquisition provides recruitment services, assisting hiring managers with filling full-time, part-time, temporary and permanent positions for faculty, staff and executive levels. Services include developing a recruiting strategy to ensure the successful selection and placement of diverse, qualified candidates. The team assists with posting positions, candidate selection, managing offers and pre-employment activities.


Director, Talent Acquisition

Jennifer Evetts

Talent Acquisition Partner
Phone: (210) 458-7962
Email: Jennifer.Evetts@utsa.edu

Ron Fosmire

Talent Acquisition Partner
Phone: (210) 458-4256
Email: Ronald.Fosmire@utsa.edu

Cheryl Huguley

Talent Acquisition Partner
Phone: (210) 458-8221
Email: Cheryl.Huguley@utsa.edu

Alice Neaves-Martinez

Talent Acquisition Partner
Phone: (210) 458-8222
Email: Alice.Neaves-Martinez@utsa.edu

Tatiana Layman

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Email: Tatiana.Layman@utsa.edu

Raquel Gutierrez

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Email: Raquel.Monsivais@utsa.edu

Through cross-campus partnerships, Talent Management is dedicated to the growth and development of individuals, teams and the university by providing strategic learning opportunities, leadership development and customized training. The team strives to be the go to resource for professional growth for the Roadrunner community.

Shelly Crofford

Director, Talent Management
Email: Shelly.Crofford@utsa.edu

Douglas Eldridge

Organizational Development Specialist
Email: Douglas.Eldridge2@utsa.edu

Graylyne Griffin

Organizational Development Specialist
Email: Graylyne.Griffin@utsa.edu

Alyshea Techam

Instructional Designer
Email: Alyshea.Techam@utsa.edu

Wes Reel

Change Management Advisor
Email: Wes.Reel@utsa.edu

Bryanda Dominguez

Wellness Program Manager
Email: Bryanda.Dominguez@utsa.edu

Total Rewards provides assistance with and education about the total rewards packages offered to our new, current and retired employees. The team oversees compensation, benefits and much more. Our goal is to attract and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce by providing a total rewards package that offers confidence and stability to every employee as they reach each milestone throughout and after their career.

Brenda DeLeon

Executive Director
Email: Brenda.Deleon2@utsa.edu


The Benefits team works closely with the UT System Office of Employee Benefits to offer an excellent benefits package to eligible employees, retirees and dependents. 

Georgina A. Anguiano Elliott

Senior Benefits Manager
Phone: (210) 458-4253
Email: Georgina.Elliott@utsa.edu

Melanie Vigil

Benefits & Leave Lead
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Melanie.Vigil@utsa.edu

Deepshikha (Deeps) Vyas

Benefits & Leave Specialist
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Deepshikha.Vyas@utsa.edu

Adelenne (Addy) Rodriguez

Benefits & Leave Specialist
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Adelenne.Rodriguez@utsa.edu

Jermaine Martinez

Benefits & Leave Specialist
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Jermaine.Martinez@utsa.edu

Shannon Pipkin

ADA Specialist
Email:  Shannon.Pipkin@utsa.edu



The Compensation team is committed to attracting and retaining a qualified, motivated, diverse workforce that meets the standards of service and excellence required by the university. 

Patty Martinez

Compensation Analyst II
Email: Patty.Martinez@utsa.edu

James Sheppard

Compensation Analyst II
Email: James.Sheppard@utsa.edu

Madison Flores

Compensation Specialist
Email: Madison.Flores2@utsa.edu

Employee Services

Employee Services assists with the employee self-service portal and updating, verifying and reviewing employment records, including employment verification, employee file review, records retention and more. 

Andrea McClure

Employee Services Supervisor
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Andrea.McClure@utsa.edu

Mike Martin

Employee Services Associate II
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Michael.Martin@utsa.edu

Enrique Casasnovas

Employee Services Associate
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Enrique.Casasnovas@utsa.edu

Erika Flores

Employee Services Associate
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Erika.Flores3@utsa.edu

Ashley Declet

Employee Services Associate
Phone: (210) 458-4250
Email: Ashley.Declet@utsa.edu

Angela Gonzales

Employee Services Associate
Email: Angela.Gonzales@utsa.edu