Criminal Background Check

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is required for any individuals working for UTSA. All applicants must complete their Criminal Background Check (CBC) online. Applicants will receive a link via email and text from our CBC vendor, Applicant Insight, on behalf of UTSA to the email address/cell phone number provided by the department. It is important to ensure the most current information is provided and applicants are reminded to monitor their junk/spam folders. Applicants must complete the CBC form within 48 hours or the link will expire.

Please note: Individuals cannot submit their own criminal background check requests. All requests must be submitted by the department on behalf of the applicant.

Faculty & Staff Positions (Classified, A&P, Post-Doctoral Fellow)

The People Excellence Talent Acquisition team will process the request for all Staff, Faculty, A&P, and Post-Doctoral Fellow positions.

To process the request or for any questions, please email Talent Acquisition.

Student and Persons of Interest (POI) Positions

The People Excellence Employee Service team will process the request for all students and Persons of Interest once they receive it through PeopleSource. Submit a Criminal Background Check (CBC) request. Submit one form per applicant.

Questions can be emailed to  Employee Services

View CBC category descriptions for more information. To avoid hiring delays, hiring departments should proceed with routing the appropriate eForm. Please monitor eForm comments for information regarding criminal background check status. 

eForms will not be approved until the criminal background check has cleared; which may require an adjustment to the effective start date. All CBCs MUST clear before employment can begin. 

The UTSA HOP Policy 4.30 contains the guidelines and criteria that relate to security sensitive positions. The University of Texas at San Antonio has determined that all jobs at UTSA are security sensitive. All applicants complete their Criminal Background Check (CBC) online.