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Stay Connected. Stay Safe.

In use at more than 150 universities and other organizations, LiveSafe is a mobile app that connects you in real time to several safety resources. It provides an effective way for students, faculty and staff on campus to communicate with the UTSA Police Department (UTSAPD).

How It Works

LiveSafe is your personal security app that allows you to do the following from the home screen:

  • Share your GPS location and other pertinent details regarding your safety. This information is only shared with UTSAPD when you use the Emergency Options tab.
  • View and share your location through the Safety Map tab.
  • Request a secure walk to your car or another building by selecting the Request a Security Escort tab.
  • LiveSafe is anonymous. Our dispatchers can only see what tips you submit, and do not know who you are unless you identify yourself.

You can also view crowdsourced security and safety notices, invite your friends to SafeWalk you home, submit reports of suspicious or dangerous activity, or instantly share your location with the UTSAPD in an emergency.

LiveSafe App

Download LiveSafe Today

The free app is available through Google Play or the App Store. Let’s get started:

  1. Visit UTSA LiveSafe to receive a link for the app to your phone.
  2. Register with your phone number.
  3. Select “The University of Texas at San Antonio” as your school.
  4. Browse the features and become familiar with how to use the app by watching the video below.