Virtual Advising Appointments

In an effort to minimize the risk of COVID-19 on our campus, Academic Advising is adhering to social distancing requirements and offering appointments virtually.  Please read the guidelines below to prepare for your virtual appointment. 

By entering your academic advising appointment via Zoom, you are acknowledging and confirming you read and understand the guidelines on this page.

Instructions To Access Zoom

You can access your appointment using one of the following options: video conferencing or phone. Your Academic Advisor will email you by the day of your appointment with specific Zoom information (i.e., meeting ID, phone number, etc).

As a student at UTSA, you have access to a Zoom account.  You just need your UTSA ID and password to log in.  For more information, review the UTSA Zoom Resources.

Before Your Appointment

  • Read the e-mail confirmation you receive after scheduling your appointment.
  • Schedule a reminder for your appointment so you don’t forget when it will be.
  • Check your internet connection, video and audio equipment are functioning properly to avoid delays/cancellations.
  • If you have specific question(s) for your Academic Advisor, make a list of them.
  • Create a list of course(s) you plan to take next semester. It is important to take responsibility for knowing your degree. For more information about your degree requirements, review the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Understand that due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), additional guests are not permitted in your appointment without proper documentation. You must complete the FERPA/Proxy authorization for each guest.  For more information, visit the One Stop Enrollment Center website.

During Your Appointment

  • Find a location free of distractions and relatively low noise to avoid disruption of your appointment. For your safety and due to the interaction within the appointment, we request that you are not operating a motor vehicle during your appointment. 
  • Remain engaged and present throughout your appointment.
  • Take notes.
  • You will be required to confirm your UTSA ID when you show up for your appointment.
  • Students, Academic Advisors, and/or any guests are prohibited from recording the appointment.

After Your Appointment

  • Register for courses and/or adjust current schedule (if needed). Click here for class registration resources.
  • Complete any action tasks given to you by your Academic Advisor. Examples could include (but not limited to): turn in transcripts, visit a campus resource, meet with instructor, attend a career fair, request an override, etc. 
  • Complete Academic Advising Appointment Survey. Your feedback is valuable to us and we want to know about your experience with Academic Advising.

*Please note that your Academic Advisor reserves the right to disconnect the Zoom appointment if the above guidelines are not followed: driving during appointment, recording the appointment, and/or noticeable FERPA issues/violations.