1st Year Checklist

Welcome Roadrunner! This is such an exciting time in your life as you call UTSA your home for the next few years. New student orientation is complete and you are ready to start your first semester of college. We encourage our students to be engaged in this partnership for academic success. 

Now that you’ve graduated from high school and are heading for college, we know that the excitement of your freshman year is greater than ever before. As a soon-to-be college freshman, the rest of the summer is going to be an exciting time! It’s your last summer at home with all of your high school friends and you’ve got a lot of arrangements and decisions to make. While you’re enjoying the sunshine, make sure to keep this pre-arrival checklist to assist in preparing you for your arrival and the beginning of your academic career at the University of Texas at San Antonio!

Below is a checklist that should assist in preparing you for the beginning of your academic career at the University of Texas at San Antonio!

During your first year

  1. Academic advising check-in!

    You’ve made it through New Student Orientation and are ready to start your year. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your First-Year Experience (FYE) progress, available academic resources, and confirm future semester classes.   

  2. Help us help you!

    Stay informed of the many campus resources available to you in order to make your college career a success.

  3. View your Academic Evaluation online!

    Your DegreeWorks evaluation will outline the list of courses necessary to complete the Core requirements and for your Major courses. Log in to DegreeWorks to get started.

  4. Build your Roadrunner family!

    Every fall semester, UTSA has several campus events as part of Roadrunner Days. Be sure to meet up with your new friends and head out to a cinema night, meet the team event, or BBQ.

  5. Find ways to get involved:

    Attend involvement/volunteer fairs, meet with an Involvement Ambassador, meet with your peer mentor and continue to make UTSA your new home.