2nd Year Checklist

While your freshmen year was full of learning curves and new experiences, you’re wiser now and ready to get the most out of your academic career at UTSA. This is the time to develop and refine your academic and career goals. Don’t stress! You don’t have to go this journey alone. Your academic advisors are here to help. Your advisor helps you stay on track with your chosen degree, encourages you to fine tune your skills, and helps you to navigate through your higher education journey. As you continue to familiarize yourself with all UTSA has to offer, make regular appointments to meet with your advisor today and check on your progress toward success!

    1. Academic advising check-in!

      Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your semester progress, available academic resources and opportunities, and confirm future semester classes as indicated on your DegreeWorks plans.

    2. Stay on the right path!

      Let us help you make sure you stay with the right academic curriculum to support your goals and discuss the important policies and procedures that will empower your success during your sophomore year.

    3. Take the next step!

      Now that freshman year is done, it’s time to take the next step in planning your academic future. Come in for a visit with your assigned academic advisor and find out just how awesome sophomore year will be.

    4. Global experiences!

      Wanna See The World? Sophomore year is the ideal time to start planning for a possible study abroad experience with your UTSA faculty. Find out how UTSA can help you see the world while working towards your degree.

    5. Extracurricular activities!

      College isn’t just about academics. Find out about campus clubs and organizations to balance your strong work ethic in academics.

    6. Help us help you!

      Stay informed of the many campus resources available to you in order to make your college career a success.

    7. View your Academic Evaluation online!

      Your DegreeWorks evaluation will outline the list of courses necessary to complete the Core requirements and for your Major courses. Log in to DegreeWorks to get started.