Inform, educate and ensure that UTSA purchasing decisions correlate with the university's overarching commitment to sustainability.

Green Sustain The UTSA Sustainability program promotes conservation initiatives and moves the university toward a more sustainable environment. The pillars of sustainability are social change, environmental protection and economic development.

The program aims to meet the needs of present users while ensuring that future generations can thrive. Students, staff and faculty are focused on a wide range of programs to improve the environmental and energy performance of our campuses and of our communities.

UTSA efforts on building a community to improve the environment consist of Roadrunners participating in cleanups of dormitories, RecycleMania and a county-wide collection that consist of 33 tons of recycled items consisting of trash and metal. UTSA is ranked 44th of 214 colleges and universities for total recycling, and 18th of 190 schools for diverting trash to recycling. The continued work at UTSA to improve the environment for San Antonio occurs beyond student organizations. Several university department consistently initiate environmental friendly projects.

Green Vendor Showcase

UTSA realizes the important connection between our purchases and our support of a sustainable economy. For this reason, UTSA understands purchasing power is vital to strengthening sustainable economies and using sustainable products on campus whenever possible. To support this mindset, purchasing has prioritized its efforts by doing business with companies that have stated commitments to sustainability in terms of their respect for the environment.





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