How to Process Employee Awards, Gifts and Prizes

There are two distinct instances when UTSA actively supports employee awards when appropriate: recognition of years of service and performance. If you decide to present your award in cash, then the cash or cash equivalent is taxable to the employee and can be recorded on the employee’s yearly W2 or 1042 through the Payroll Office. Process a one-time payment via an e-form to record the transaction.

If you prefer to present a non-cash gift (e.g., coffee mugs, plaques, flowers, fruit baskets, etc.) to the employee(s), process a payment directly to the vendor for the purchase of the items through Disbursements & Travel Services. Include a completed Business Expense Form to justify the cost and type of the employee(s) award(s).     

Furthermore, if a third-party vendor presents a cash or cash equivalent to a university employee, the payment is handled in the same way as if it was given by UTSA.