Appointing an ICP

How to Appoint an ICP

To appoint an ICP, the department manager must:

  • Download and fill out the ICP Appointment form
    • We highly recommend that you also select an alternate ICP
  • Obtain the required signatures
  • Email the form to the Inventory Department
  • Keep a copy of this form with departmental inventory records
  • Ensure your appointees attend the mandatory inventory training when scheduled

When the Inventory Department receives the completed ICP Appointment form, they will:

  • Contact the ICP(s) and schedule the required training
    • New ICP Training (AM0675) is for ICPs who have not attended training
    • Refresher ICP Training (AM0676) is for returning ICPs who completed AM0675 training
  • Notify the ICP(s) when it is time to start your department's annual inventory