ICP Responsibilities

Department Manager Ensures Accountability

The department manager/property custodian is responsible for the daily care of property. They ensure that accountable items assigned to their area are maintained in accordance with UTSA and state policies. They are responsible for appointing an ICP to complete the department’s inventory annually and certifying the completion. They also ensure reasonable precautions to prevent loss of or damage to UTSA property are in place and enforced.

ICP Manages Department Assets

ICPs are responsible for attending inventory training to learn how to manage the department’s equipment. They are also responsible for completing the department’s Annual Physical Inventory (API).

ICPs maintain inventory records and departmental audits for the department and should have the following documents in their office:

  • The original ICP Appointment Form
  • Copy of the department’s most recent physical inventory and exception listings/reports
  • Missing/stolen reports
  • Correspondence to the Inventory staff
  • Inventory transfer documentation
  • Authorization for property removal from campus and logs for equipment off campus
  • Documentation for property turned in for repair, trade-in or surplus

ICPs are also responsible for:

  • Updating custodian and locations in PeopleSoft
  • Managing equipment reported missing, stolen and damaged
  • Submitting equipment transfers to other departments and to the Surplus Property Department
  • Managing the removal and return of equipment taken off campus
  • Documenting equipment trade-ins and warranty exchanges
  • Assisting with equipment audits and reviews

Scanning Inventory Items

Inventory staff provide ICPs hands-on training on how to use the scanner. As your department’s ICP, you must attend the required training to learn how to properly use the scanner and to manage and account for controlled and capital assets at UTSA.