Federal Withholding

How Do I Determine My Federal Tax Withholding?

You must complete a W-4 form for Payroll Management Services to determine how much income tax to withhold from each paycheck. It's important to note that, in accordance with the IRS, if the W-4 is not completed in a timely manner, is completed incorrectly or is altered in any way, the tax withheld must be based on a single filing status with NO allowances (Single and 0). Visit the IRS website to determine your federal tax filing status.

When Should I Change My W-4 Form?

  1. If you had to pay additional taxes when you filed your Form 1040 last year and expect similar circumstances this year.
  2. If you had a marital or dependent status change (notify People Excellence immediately to ensure appropriate insurance coverage).
  3. If you got a substantial refund from the IRS last year and expect similar circumstances this year.
  4. If you expect a lump-sum check for consultant work/bonus pay/award/payout, and you don't want the marginal tax rate to apply for that pay. Note: If you change your W-4 for that purpose, don't forget to change it back.

How Do I Change My W-4 Status?

You can change your W-4 filing status at any time through Employee Self-Service in PeopleSoft. Once you are logged into Employee Self-Service homepage, click on Payroll & Compensation. You will find the W-4 tax information here. You have the option to view or change any information, and it electronically feeds into the UTSA payroll system.