Campus Rec Deductions

Pay Your Membership Via Payroll Deduction

As a UTSA faculty or staff member in non-student or non-contract position, you are eligible to have your membership fee deducted directly from your paycheck via payroll deduction. Print and fill out the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and take it to the Membership Services Desk to start your application.

Submit your membership request form (new or cancellations) by the 14th of the month to ensure proper billing at the first of the following month. If you want to begin your membership immediately, you can pay for the current month at a prorated amount by using another form of payment the day you register.

If you register your membership after the 14th of the month, and you want to begin your membership immediately, you will need to pay the balance for the current month and the next month because payroll deduction will not be processed for those two months.

Use the Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form to cancel your membership. For more information, contact the Membership Services Desk at 210-458-7575 or the Downtown Fitness Center at 210-458-2735.