Donate to SECC Through a Payroll Deduction

You can donate to a charitable organization of your choice through the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) each year and have your donation deducted through Payroll Management Services.  

How Does Payroll Deduction Work?

Once you decide on your contribution amount, payroll deduction starts in December and will be reflected in your January paycheck. Deductions are made after taxes. Payroll deduction frequency is based on your payroll cycle. If you are paid on the nine-month cycle, your donation will be spread across nine months. If you are paid on a 12-month cycle, your donation will be spread across 12 months. Stop deductions at any time by emailing Payroll Management Services.

How to Give

Payroll deduction can be done online or through paper pledge forms. During the SECC campaign, you can give online through the e-pledge portal or download the paper pledge form and send it via campus mail to “Attention: SECC” at Fiscal Services on the UTSA Main Campus.