Meal Plans

Meal plans are economical, flexible, and make eating on campus easy. UTSA offers a variety of plans to fit your dining lifestyle and budget.

Meal Plan Requirement

Students residing in Laurel Village, Chaparral Village, Alvarez Hall, or Chisholm Hall with 48 or fewer completed semester credit hours are required to purchase a meal plan listed below. Students residing in University Oaks may purchase a meal plan, but it is not required.

Meal Plan Options: 2019-20 Academic Year

Plan Name

Number of Meals

Dining Dollars

Meal Trades

Cost per Semester*

Annual Cost*

Access 7A Unlimited Mon-Sun $ 300 7 per week $ 1,911 $ 3,822
Access 7B Unlimited Mon-Sun
$ 200 5 per week $ 1,863 $ 3,726
Access 7C Unlimited Mon-Sun
$ 0 None $ 1,410 $ 2,820
Access 5A Unlimited Mon-Fri
$ 300 None $ 1,632 $ 3,264
Block 1 150 Meals $ 300 5 per week $ 1,431 $ 2,862
Block 2 120 Meals $ 400 None $ 1,290 $ 2,580

* Plus tax

Meal Plan Documents & Forms (2019-20)

Employee Dining Plan

University employees have the ability to purchase a plan for eating on campus. Visit UTSA Dining's website for more information.


  • Low minimum buy-in of $50
  • 30% discount at Roadrunner Café
  • Quick and easy purchase on ASAP

Employee meal plans are for Faculty and Staff only. This does not include student positions such as GRA, TA, GA or any other student employee position.

VIA U-Pass

VIA U-Pass

Beginning fall 2019, students and employees ride VIA for free. Learn more, then watch how to use VIA U-Pass.


The Runner GPS App

The Runner GPS App

Track your on-campus shuttle in real-time and receive live updates. Download for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Real-Time Parking Occupancy

Real-Time Parking Occupancy

Find parking availability on campus.