Student Meal Plans

Meal Plan Options: 2022-23 Academic Year

UTSA Dining offers a variety of meal plans to suit your dining needs and lifestyle. When choosing a plan, we offer two main types: Roadrunner plans and Rowdy plans.

Roadrunner plans offer unlimited entry into the Roadrunner Café Monday-Sunday or Monday-Friday, depending on your choice of plan—you can eat as many meals as you like or just visit to grab a beverage or snack. These plans are comprehensive and are a great option for any student, especially on-campus housing residents.

Rowdy plans offer a set amount of meals each semester. These plans are flexible and give you a choice of the number of Roadrunner Café meals that suits your on-campus lifestyle. The Rowdy 75 and Rowdy 150 also allow you to have up to 5 meal trades a week at any dining venue. Rowdy plans are an excellent choice for students who live off campus.

Plan Name

Number of Meals

Dining Dollars*

Meal Trades
Per Week

Cost per Semester**


Roadrunner Platinum
Unlimited Mon-Sun
$300 7 $2,233
Roadrunner Gold
Unlimited Mon-Sun $200 5 $2,176
Roadrunner Silver
Unlimited Mon-Sun
$0 None $1,649
Roadrunner Bronze
Unlimited Mon-Fri
None $1,907
Rowdy 150
150 meals/semester $300 5 $1,672
Rowdy 120
120 meals/semester $400 None $1,509
Rowdy 75 75 meals/semester $850 5 $1,578
*Dining Dollars can be used at all dining and retail venues. They can also be used at the Roadrunner Cafe to treat a friend or family member to a meal with you, and you'll receive a 40% discount off the door rate.
**Plus tax
Rowdy 75 plan is restricted to off-campus commuters, residents of University Oaks, or residents of university operated housing (Laurel, Chaparral, Alvarez, Chisholm or Guadalupe) with more than 48 completed semester credit hours at the beginning of the fall semester of the year of the agreement.

Meal Plan Documents & Forms (2022-23)


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