Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts Is the Foundation of UTSA’s Financial Accounting System

UTSA’s decisions and business processes are dependent upon the flow of financial information. This flow of financial information is driven by the accounting and reporting system. At the heart of that system is the chart of accounts. We use the chart of accounts to segregate and categorize financial transactions. The basic unit of UTSA’s chart of accounts is the chartfield. Below are the chartfields we use in our financial accounting system. Chart of Accounts

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*Commonly used general ledger account codes

It is important that you have a sound understanding of the chart of accounts and its components to ensure transactions are being classified and recorded correctly. For more information on the chart of accounts, view the Chart of Accounts Financial Guidelines.

We Provide Chart of Accounts Training

We encourage you to complete the Introduction to Chart of Accounts training course, where you will receive an overview of the PeopleSoft chart of accounts structure, terminology and concepts. Visit the Accounting Services Training site to learn more.