Chartfield Maintenance

Update Your Departmental Information

Changes in department IDs and SpeedCharts/Cost Centers are sometimes necessary as a result of reorganizations and other changes. We coordinate with Budget and Financial Planning and Business Information Systems (BIS) to establish and modify departments and cost centers in order to:

  • Facilitate accurate and timely financial accounting and reporting
  • Enhance internal control by providing a uniform process, consistent treatment and accountability
  • Help ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

How to Change Your Cost Centers/SpeedTypes or Department IDs

Follow these steps to add, modify or inactivate your cost centers/SpeedTypes or department IDs:

  • Once you submit the form, the automated workflow will route the document to the respective areas for approval as follows:
    • 1st Level: Budget and Financial Planning
    • 2nd Level: Accounting Services
    • 3rd Level: BIS
    • 4th Level: Upon the last approval by BIS, the submitter, department manager and any additional individuals identified within the form will receive an email notification of the form completion.

Need Assistance Completing the Chart of Accounts Maintenance Form?

For issues with SharePoint, email Business Information Systems or call 210-458-7762. For other questions related to the Chart of Accounts Maintenance Form, email Accounting Services or call 210-458-4212.