Group Travel

Plan Your Group Travel in Advance

Planning for large travel groups is key to a successful overall travel experience. If you’re a faculty or staff member traveling with a group of students, make sure you first process a travel authorization for yourself and set aside funds to pay for group expenses before your departure date. Visit the Faculty & Staff Travel pages to guide you through the university travel processes. 

Ensure that all traveling students have also processed their student travel authorizations in a timely manner. Visit the Student Travel page for more details. Plan your budget by itemizing all group expenses and secure a good funding source to quickly pay out immediate costs. Next, procure your high-dollar travel expenses early to take full advantage of the early-bird discounts offered for airfare and lodging. 

Bear in mind that you may need to apply for a One Card to secure the group’s flights expediently, as well as book lodging, reserve ground transportation and pre-pay other expenses before the trip takes place. Consider that you may need to use additional methods of payment available within the university, such as wire transfers to pay international vendors for rendering of future services via a non-PO voucher if an approved agreement was processed in advance.

If you need additional assistance, reach out to one of our travel agencies (CTP or ATI) to help you quickly secure flights (e.g., domestic, international, multi-segment, study abroad, etc.) and lodging or to expedite visas/passports and assist with destination requirements, among other items. Visit the Travel Vendors page for contact information.

You may request a cash advance (Student Advance Responsible Party) to pay for meal per diem expenses and any other expense noted on your original trip’s budget. Visit the Travel Advance page for more information.

Once you return from your trip, you have 30 days to prepare and submit your group’s receipts to settle all trip costs and any remaining out-of-pocket expenses via an expense report.  

Use a required travel agency to book your flight and/or a required car rental agency to reserve your car rental in advance. Visit the Travel Vendors page to guide you through the booking process.

Your trip is automatically registered into On Call International when you book your travel using the travel agencies. If you are traveling to a potentially high-risk area, then you need to pursue further travel approval from the International Oversight Committee (IOC).

If incurred costs associated for any type of hospitality and entertainment expenses on your group travel, ensure that you include an approved Business Expense Form with your expense report.