Student Travel

Understanding Student Travel

Students can travel in the capacity of a student or a student employee. Depending on your traveling role, you would need to follow the correct path to pursue reimbursement.

Visit the Student Travel Policies and the Student Travel pages to learn more about the policies that govern student travel when you are traveling in the capacity of a student.

If you travel in the capacity of a student employee, you would typically follow the path to reimburse a staff employee. Visit the Faculty & Staff Travel page to learn more about the process.

How to Pay Your Student Travel When a Department Sponsor Is Involved

If your travel is being reimbursed or paid by a university department sponsor using a One Card, your travel needs to be authorized through an approved Student Travel Authorization Request.

If your department is using a One Card as a method of payment when booking your flight, then your department sponsor will need to contact one of the travel agencies (CTP or ATI) to book your flight. If you are paying for your flight up front, and pursuing reimbursement within 30 days of having returned from your trip, then you are not obligated to use one of our travel agencies.

Your department sponsor can further assist you with the processing of a non-PO voucher to get reimbursement for your travel. Make sure you turn in any applicable receipts to your department sponsor for reimbursement. Visit the Supplier/Vendor Setup page to begin the process.

How to Process Your Student Travel Award

If you are given a travel award, you will need further approval from the Scholarships Office in Financial Aid to certify your award is not taxable on a 1099Misc or 1099NEC at year end. If the Office of Financial Aid determines that department sponsors can move forward with a non-PO, instead of processing payment as a student refund using Banner, then include the approved award letter along with any applicable receipts with your non-PO voucher for processing of payment. Route non-PO voucher to Financial Aid for approval.