Travel Advances

Requesting Your Employee Travel Advance 

When you travel on university business, your meal per diems are reimbursed when your travel is completed and ready to be settled within 30 days. We understand that for some employees, paying for the cost of meals may create a financial hardship on them. You, as a faculty, staff or student, may request a cash advance 10 business days before your departure date to pay for meals. Bear in mind that the best suitable method to pay for all major expenses, such as, airfare, lodging, car rental, registration and other incidental expenses, remains the One Card.  

If a One Card is not available, and your travel is more than a week away, then a cash advance request may be approved to pay for your travel expenses. Ensure that you have an approved Travel Authorization in place that includes an estimated amount of your trip expenses before submitting a cash advance using the T&E module in PeopleSoft. Your travel authorization should at the minimum cover the amount of your cash advance request.   

Be cognizant of returning any unspent cash left from your cash advance to Fiscal Services.

Visit the Faculty & Staff Travel page to learn more about the travel university process. 

Student Advance Responsible Party 

You, as a faculty or staff sponsor, may request a cash advance on behalf of your traveling student(s) 10 business days before your student’s departure date to pay for meal per diems. You or your department sponsor may process a Single Pay Voucher and include an approved Travel Advance Request with per diem amounts in tandem with a Student Travel Authorization form. As the student responsible party requesting the student cash advance, you are responsible for the student to complete the travel or return the monies promptly to Fiscal Services if the trip was cancelled.