1098-T Form

Your Guide to the 1098-T

If you or your parents paid qualified tuition and college-related expenses during the tax year, you’ll likely receive a 1098-T form. This form is important because it may help you claim valuable education credits, such as The American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. The university cannot provide assistance in regard to your eligibility or the calculation of the credit.

What Is the 1098-T Form?

This form provides information about educational expenses that may qualify you or your parents, if you are a dependent, for education related tax credits. You can learn more about tax benefits for education in the IRS Publication 970.

Does Everyone Get a 1098-T Form?

Not all students are eligible to receive a 1098-T. Forms will not be issued under the following circumstances:

  • Grants, scholarships, and/or third-party sponsorships total more than your qualified tuition and fees
  • Do not have a valid SSN/TIN number on file
  • International students (unless requested with SSN and/or TIN on file)
  • Enrolled in non-degree programs
  • No qualified tuition and fees were charged during the calendar year

Request Your 1098-T Form

You do not need to make a formal request to receive the 1098-T form unless you are an international student. Your 1098-T form will be available to you on or before Jan. 31. The form will be mailed to you unless you opt in for electronic delivery. Visit Heartland/ECSI to opt in for electronic delivery.