Understanding Your 1098-T Form

Understanding Your 1098-T Form

View the 1098-T form to understand what each box represents.

1098T-form example

Box 1

Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses during the tax year up to the amount of your qualified tuition and fees. Payments include cash/check, credit card, student loans, scholarships, grants and other financial aid awards, third-party sponsorships, stipends and tuition assistance.

Box 4

Reflects reductions in charges for qualified tuition and related expenses made during this calendar year that relate to amounts billed that were reported in a prior year. This could impact a tax credit for a prior year.

Box 5

Reflects the total of scholarships, grants and third-party sponsorships that were posted during the calendar year. 

Box 6

Reflects reductions in scholarships, grants, or third-party sponsorships reported for a prior year. This could impact a tax credit for a prior year.

Box 7

Is checked if payments were made for the future spring term, which is the academic period beginning in January through March of the next year.

Box 8

Is checked if a student is at least half-time during any academic period during the calendar year.

Box 9

Is checked if classified as graduate student.

Supplemental Detail Report Available

You can view your supplemental detail for the amounts reported on your 1098-T form in MyUTSA Account.

  • Log on to MyUTSA Account
  • Click on Fiscal Services tab
  • Select the “Tax Notification” link and enter the calendar year

NOTE:  this access is not available until UTSA has finalized the annual review and submitted the information no later than Jan. 31.