Equipment Removal

Removing Equipment from Campus

There may be times when you need to remove equipment from campus for official business, e.g., to work from home, take on a business trip, continue research, etc. Before you physically remove the equipment, you must get approval from your supervisor or department manager. UTSA property is not for personal use.

Your Responsibilities

Keep in mind the following when you are approved to remove equipment from the campus: 

  • Properly care for, transport, secure and return the equipment in the same condition it was when you remove it from the university
  • Replace and reimburse the university for equipment that becomes lost, stolen or damaged (due to negligence) while in your care
  • Promptly report loss, theft or damages
  • Make the property available for scanning/verification during the annual inventory
  • Return property when you separate from the university or if equipment is recalled by the department manager.
  • Certify that your computer is encrypted or registered as an exemption

Complete the Removal of Equipment Form

Below are instructions for taking equipment off campus:

  • Download and complete the Removal of Equipment form
  • Obtain required signatures
  • Give the original form to the Inventory Contact Person (ICP) for tracking purposes and keep a copy with the equipment
  • Complete a new form after one year if the equipment is still being used off campus. The form is valid for only one year.

Returning Equipment to Campus

Your department ICP maintains the original Removal of Equipment form. Make sure you return you equipment to your ICP or supervisor, and sign and date the return section on the form.