How to Process an Equipment Trade-In

There are times when your department may need to trade in or replace older equipment to get a new upgraded model. Prior to trading in the university equipment, make sure you follow these procedures:  

  • You must have your department manager approval prior to trading in university equipment
  • You must have Research Service Center approval before you begin the trade-in process for grant-funded equipment
  • Negotiate the credit terms or trade-in allowances and the return/shipping authorization with the vendor
  • Create a UTSA purchase order and include the description of the item being traded, the barcode number and the trade-in credit/discount negotiated

Complete the Equipment Trade-in Request Form

  • Download and complete the Equipment Trade-In Form, select Trade-In and fill out the rest of the form
  • Remove the inventory tag number and affixed it on the form
  • Obtain appropriate signatures
  • Email the form and supporting documents (e.g., shipping documents, credit term agreements, return to vendor authorizations, a copy of the new purchase order, emails, etc.) to the Inventory Department and give a copy to your department’s Inventory Contact Person (ICP)
  • We will process the form after the replacement is received

Upon Receipt of the New Asset

When you receive the new asset, follow these procedures:

  • Notify the Inventory Department so we can schedule a time to affix a new barcode
  • We will remove the old asset from your inventory records and forward the completed form to the ICP for departmental records