Warranty Exchange

How to Process a Warranty Exchange

A warranty exchange is the process of returning/exchanging an asset still under warranty. This could be due to equipment failure, defective parts or has stopped working. Follow these procedures to return the asset to the manufacturer/vendor for repair or replacement. Prior to shipping the asset:

  • Notify your Inventory Contact Person (ICP) with the barcode and serial number of the asset being returned
  • Verify the warranty terms are still current and valid
  • Contact the vendor for their warranty exchange process (e.g., preferred/prepaid shipping, Return Material Authorization (RMA) or other return requirement)

Complete the Equipment Trade-in Form

  • Download and complete the Equipment Trade-In Form, select Warranty Exchange and fill out the rest of the form
  • Remove the inventory barcode and affix it on the form
  • Obtain appropriate signatures
  • Attach copies of the RMA, shipping documents or any other support documents used to track the vendor return
  • Email the form to the Inventory Department for processing and give a copy to your department’s ICP

What Do I Do When I Receive a Repaired or Replaced Asset?

  • Notify the Inventory Department so they can schedule a time to affix a replacement barcode
  • Inventory will update the asset record with the new information and forward the completed form to the ICP for departmental records