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Bookstore Contract

Campus Services partners with Follett Higher Education Group for campus bookstore operations at the Rowdy Campus Store and Rowdy Store Downtown.

Along with guaranteed course materials, the Rowdy Campus Store provides flexible textbook purchase options to fit a variety of needs and budgets. On-campus locations allow university affiliates and visitors to conveniently purchase class supplies, UTSA gear, academic regalia, gifts, snacks, and more. The Rowdy Store Downtown caters specifically to the community on our campus in the heart of San Antonio.

Follett Higher Education Group

Contract Information Follett contract began on July 1, 2006 with an initial term of five years (expiration in 2011). Campus Services exercised the option to renew for two additional five year periods. The current contract expires July 1, 2021.


VIA U-Pass

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VIA U-Pass

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