Cost Transfers

What Is a Cost Transfer?

A cost transfer is an after-the-fact reallocation of costs, salary or non-salary to or from a sponsored project.

When Should I Use a Cost Transfer?

  • To correct bookkeeping or clerical errors
  • To allocate allowable costs that support more than one project
  • To transfer allowable pre-award costs
  • To reallocate allowable costs originally charged to a central administrative account

How Do I Process a Cost Transfer?

To request a cost transfer involving a sponsored project, you must use a Cost Transfer/Voucher Correction Request Form. Cost transfer procedures are appropriately segregated to ensure no one person or academic department has the sole authority to initiate, approve and post a cost transfer into the official accounting records. Below is the cost transfer routing process.

Cost transfer flowchart

Cost Transfer Questions

Refer to the UTSA Research website for questions on cost transfers, including questions about form requirements, responsibilities, procedures, etc.

You can also refer to the UTSA HOP 10.08, Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects for more specific guidelines.

For any other additional questions, send an email to Grant Accounting.