Compliance Reports

How to Get a Compliance Report

Compliance reports are available to your staff members who have program administrator access to CitiManager.

Once in CitiManager, click on the wrench icon for reporting, then click on the link to go to reporting. Click on the link in the pop-up dialogue box to continue to the Citibank Custom Reporting System.

  • At Shared Reports, click on Organizational Shared Folders
  • Click on the State of Texas Shared Reports Folder
  • Click on the UTSA folder
  • Click on your folder and select reports created for you

Monitor Appropriate Use of One Cards

There are management controls, management reports, and compliance audits and reviews to help ensure your One Card is being used appropriately. Keep in mind that we continuously monitor and review transactions for compliance with our guidelines. Cardholder activities and controls are also subject to the requirements of One Card Financial Guidelines, which include the monitoring plan for separation of duties, as well as reconciliation of accounts.

In addition to the above, a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) is periodically performed to provide management with assurance that departmental controls are in place and operating effectively. A thorough review includes approval of transactions, appropriate documentation attached to vouchers and timely payment to the vendor.