The One Card is a convenient purchase and payment tool for small dollar purchases up to $5,000 for those vendors that do not accept purchase orders or checks. The One Card is issued by Citibank.

You must be a UTSA employee who is familiar with UTSA purchasing rules and regulations, business contracts processes and procedures, export controls, the Prompt Payment Law and vendor holds.

To get a One Card, you must complete both the One Card Application and Agreement and the classroom training course, One Card Reconciliation and Payment Processing (AM0590).

All One Cards issued by UTSA have a single transaction limit of $5,000 (including freight) with a monthly spending limit of $10,000 for purchases and special events. Travel credit limits are assigned based on department needs. These limits can be set lower by the department manager when an application is submitted, or for existing cardholders, with a Card Maintenance Request form.

Visit CitiManager and follow the instructions on the website. You will be required to input your verification ID (last 4 digits of your EMPLID). You must select a PIN to complete the card receipt verification process. The PIN may be required to complete the transaction at the point of sale. The PIN replaces the signature and is a more secure payment method that provides protection from fraud.

The cycle begins on the 4th of each calendar month and ends on the 3rd of the following month. Citibank will send each cardholder an email letting them know that the statement is ready for download.

Register your card at citimanager.com/logon by following the instructions in the job aid Card Activation, CitiManager Registration and Website Navigation.

Special event privileges are authorized to a limited number of One Cards and allow transactions with certain restricted businesses and purchases of certain restricted commodities in support of business-related hospitality.

To request special event privileges for a new One Card, the department manager or designee must complete the Special Event Privileges section of the One Card Application and Agreement. Approval of special event One Card privileges is at the discretion of the assistant controller or designee.

To add or remove special event privileges for existing One Cards, complete a Card Maintenance Request form. See the One Card Special Event Privileges page for more information.

It is recommended that cardholders with special event privileges complete the Business-Related Hospitality and Entertainment (AM553) training class prior to receiving special event privileges.

Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are assigned by MasterCard to classify vendors according to the primary type of commodity (goods/services) they provide. MCCs are assigned to One Cards to help ensure that the cards are not used for purchases of restricted commodities and businesses.

Log in to CitiManager, click on recent transactions, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Authorizations hyperlink. Your recent activity will show as either Approved or Declined. Click on Declined for important information as to why you were declined. You may also call Citibank at the number on the back of your card.

Some of the more common reasons for declines are:

  • MCCG include, no match the MCC is not included in your template
  • Invalid expiration date wrong expiration date
  • PIN Exceeded Pin tries exceeded
  • Exceeds available credit
  • Exceeds single purchase limit
  • Card not active

Submit an Card Maintenance Request form selecting request type “Add/Remove MCC” and enter the MCC and vendor name and obtain the required signatures. Email the form along with the invoice, quotation, or order for the intended purchase. If this is for hospitality, include the approved Business Expense Form (BEF).

You are required to repay UTSA and write a memorandum on department letterhead to the vice president for Supply Chain stating what happened and with input from your supervisor, the controls that have been put into place to prevent this in the future. Email the memorandum and the deposit receipt to both the vice president for Supply Chain and Credit Card Administration.

Paying your Citibank® One Card statement is easy:

  • Download your One Card statement in PDF & excel
  • Gather your invoices/receipts
  • Enter an invoice line for each expense in the exact order as your worksheet
  • Attach invoices/receipts to the worksheet
  • If the expense is for travel, associate the EMPLID
  • Attach your worksheet to the voucher
  • Budget check and submit your payment through workflow