Program Administrator

Your Responsibilities as a Program Administrator

As a program administrator, you are given access to Citibank statements and reports for an executive or college/administrative area.

Standard reports give insight into spending patterns and can include total and average transaction amounts and counts, most frequently used suppliers and airlines, and hotel and car rental summary reports. You also can download statements and unbilled transactions for the cardholders in your area.

How Can I Download Citibank Statements and Reports?

To download monthly statements, you must first have program administrator rights or permissions. Each college, administrative and executive area can add up to three program administrators to access Citibank reports and download statements. To add a program administrator, submit a Card Maintenance Request (CMR) form  using DocuSign*, which will route through appropriate approvals. Once your request form is approved by your department, send it to Credit Card Administration.

*Note: Visit the DocuSign website to learn how to use it.