Financial Appeal Exceptions

Does Financial Services Review All Appeals?

Financial Services does not handle all appeals that may result in reversal of charges. Academic issues, medical/mental health crises, repeat charges and excess hours charges are handled in other areas.

Academic Appeals                            

Struggles with a professor’s style of teaching or course content is different than what you expected are examples of academic issues. Contact University College or the Graduate School for more information.

Medical/Mental Health Appeals

If you are personally experiencing a medical or mental health crisis that results in withdrawal from the semester, you can submit an appeal to Student Health Services. Appeals related to medical conditions should be submitted prior to the end of the last day of the semester following the requested withdrawal term.

3-peat, 30-Hour or 45-Hour Charge Appeals

Contact your advisor to request waiver of 3-peat, 30-hour or 45-hour charges. The 3-peat charges occur when you attempt to take the same class a third time. Students must complete their degree requirements within 150 semester credit hours. If you go over this limit, you will be charged 30-hour or 45-hour charges. 

For more information on these charges: