Tagging Assets

Which Assets Are Barcoded?

Did you just acquire a new asset? If you’re not sure if an asset requires a barcode, follow these helpful guidelines. Generally, assets fall into one of two categories:

Controlled Items ($500-$4,999.99)
Only electronic equipment that meet the threshold purchase are tagged. Below is a list of items we tag:
  • Cameras
  • Televisions/video players/recorders
  • Desktop/laptop computers
  • Data projectors
  • Smartphones/tablets/other hand-held devices
  • Sound systems/other audio equipment
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drones

Capital Items
Purchases that cost $5,000 or more are tagged.

To Request an Asset Tag

Send an email request to the Inventory Department and include the below information on the request:  

  • Purchase order number
  • Department ID number
  • Item description
  • Current location of the asset
  • New custodian’s name and EMPLID
  • Rowdy receipt number and date
  • A point of contact — to escort Inventory staff to the asset

Inventory staff will respond with a calendar invite to schedule the tagging.