Section VI: Enforcement

1. Parking and Traffic Citations

  • Issuance: Any person violating these regulations may receive a citation.
  • Campus Services Authority: University Parking Assistants are authorized to write university parking citations.
  • UTSAPD Authority: UTSAPD officers are authorized to issue university citations and court appearance citations for violation of these regulations. It is the general policy of the university to issue court appearance citations only for moving violations and for any violation when the individual's driving or parking privileges have been suspended, although UTSAPD may issue a court appearance for any appropriate violation.

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2. Failure to Discharge Court Appearance Citations

Failure to discharge a court appearance citation may result in the issuance of an arrest warrant.

3. University Citations

University citations are issued for offenses listed in Section VII: Driving and Parking Offenses. Any person receiving a university citation must remit the amount of the charge or submit an appeal to Campus Services within 14 days after issuance of the citation. Any towing, booting, and/or storage fees for removal of an impounded or immobilized vehicle or bicycle must be paid regardless of whether an appeal has been submitted.

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4. Appeals from University Citations

Any person issued a university citation may appeal the citation to the university's designated Appeals Officer by completing the appropriate Campus Services form and submitting it to Campus Services within fourteen (14) calendar days after the issuance of the citation. Payment of the citation at any time prior to submitting the first level appeal or issuance of the determination of the Appeals Officer will result in forfeiture of the responsible party’s right to appeal. Boot Administrative citations and towing or storage fees are not eligible for appeal. The responsible party must file the appeal. Appeals submitted by UTSA departments on behalf of their guests or anyone using a departmental parking permit will not be accepted.

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5. Initial Review of Appeal

When a citation is appealed the appeal is considered by the Appeals Officer within Campus Services. The appellant may request an in-person appearance by appointment only by submitting an appeal form. The Appeals Officer shall review all appeals within 15 working days of receipt of the appeal or in-person appearance. Appeal results may take longer during unusually busy periods, such as the start of the fall semester. Approval will be sought from the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs if additional time is needed to review appeals.

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6. Appeals Panel

Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Appeals Officer may appeal the decision of the Appeals Officer. Any such appeal will be heard by the University's Parking Appeals Panel and will be “on the record.” That is, the appellant will not have the opportunity to appear in person. An appeal of the Appeals Officer’s decision must be submitted within 14 days after the date the Appeals Officer renders a decision and must be accompanied by payment of the fine. If payment is not included the appeal will not be reviewed. The amount of the citation will be refunded if the Panel finds in favor of the appellant. The Panel will make reasonable efforts to review the written appeal within 45 days after the appeal has been submitted. The decision of the Appeals Panel is final.

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7. Failure to Pay Citation Charges

Failure to pay or appeal the citation within 14 calendar days of citation issuance or decision of Appeals Officer will result in a $10 late fee per citation. Unpaid citations can result in student financial holds preventing students from receiving grades, refunds, official transcripts, or graduating. Ten (10) or more violations within one academic year may result in suspension of driving and parking privileges on campus and/or disciplinary action.

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8. Vehicle Immobilization or Impoundment

Campus Services or UTSAPD may immobilize (boot) or impound (tow/relocate to a storage area) the vehicle of any person who accumulates four (4) or more unpaid parking or traffic citations and/or charges of $200 or more, has any outstanding citation over one (1) calendar year past due, or who is in possession of a lost, altered, fraudulent, fictitious or stolen parking permit. All outstanding citations must be paid in full prior to the release of the vehicle. Vehicles may also be booted for other violations of these regulations or State law in the discretion of UTSAPD. The University is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during booting, towing, relocation, or storage. After notice has been posted on the vehicle, vehicles booted for longer than 36 hours may be impounded (towed to a storage area), the owner and operator are severally responsible for any booting, towing, or storage fees.

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9. Suspension of Privileges

Driving and parking privileges may be suspended by Campus Services, UTSAPD or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards if the violator has displayed a lost, altered, fraudulent, fictitious or stolen parking permit or other flagrant violations of these regulations. The loss of the privilege of driving or parking a vehicle on campus shall commence immediately following notification of suspension. Such notification shall state the term of the suspension and consequences for violation of the stated terms. The violations of the suspension shall be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards if the person is a student or to the appropriate dean, director, or administrative official for possible disciplinary action if the person is a faculty or staff member.

  1. If a person whose privilege of driving or parking on campus has been suspended receives a University citation by reason of having a vehicle on campus during the period of their suspension, the period of suspension may be extended and a referral to the appropriate University office may be made for further University disciplinary action.
  2. Suspensions may be appealed to the Director of Campus Services, or their designee, within fourteen (14) calendar days on the grounds that the imposition of such suspension is improper or will create serious and substantial hardship. No appeal shall be considered if there are any unpaid citations outstanding at the time such appeal is filed, unless special arrangements are made with Campus Services. During the appeals period the suspension remains in effect.
  3. A person receiving notice that their privilege of driving or parking University property has been suspended shall return, without refund, the remnants of the permit issued (or the entire hanging permit) to Campus Services within fourteen (14) days after date of such notice.

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10. Collections

Any charge not paid when due may be forwarded to an outside collection agency or an attorney for collection. The offender will be responsible for paying all costs of collection, including any agency fees and/or reasonable attorney’s fees, which will be added to the total amount due.

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11. No Excuse

The absence of sufficient parking spaces on the University campus is not justification for violation of these regulations. Failure to enforce any regulation shall not constitute a waiver of the University’s authority to enforce these regulations.  Other improperly parked vehicles do not constitute an excuse for improper parking.

Permit holders are responsible for all fees and fines issued to a vehicle displaying a parking permit issued to the permit holder or a vehicle registered to the permit holder or a member of the permit holder’s family. Use of the parking permit evidences that the permit holder agrees to abide by these regulations.

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