Not reconciled: The reconciler has not yet approved the reconciliation.
Reconciled not approved: The reconciler has approved the reconciliation and is currently awaiting owner approval.
Complete: Reconciliation has been approved by the reconciler and owner, and is complete.
Reconciliation not required: The cost center/project has not had revenue or expense actuals this year and a reconciliation is not required for the month.
Inactive/Unauthorized: The cost center/project does not have a budget setup and a reconciliation is not available/required. OR –  You do not have access to the cost center/project. Contact your area lead for more information or open a Tech Café ticket to request access.

Yes. Once the cost center/project has had actuals activity, you will have a reconciliation each month for the rest of the year. In the months where a reconciliation is produced, but the month had no actuals activity, the reconciler is required to approve the reconciliation; however, since there were no actuals, the reconciliation does not require owner approval and will immediately go to “complete” status once the reconciler has approved. For example:

Month Actuals Activity Reconciliation? Reconciler approval
Owner approval
September No No No No
October Yes Yes Yes Yes
November Yes Yes Yes Yes
December* No Yes Yes No

*December did not have actuals activity; therefore, approval is not needed from the owner. Once reconciled, it will go into “complete” status.

Yes. Principle investigators were recently given approval roles and can approve SAHARA reconciliations; however, the department manager or “owner” in SAHARA will still have to certify annually in fall.

Open a Tech Café ticket with the subject line “SAHARA Access".

Email Accounting Services or call ext. 4212.