Responsibilities and Roles

Understanding the Role of a Reconciler and Approver/Owner

Responsibilities and Roles

A reconciler is an individual assigned by the department manager to perform the monthly reconciliation. As a reconciler, you are responsible for:

  • Completing monthly reconciliations for all of your relevant cost centers/project IDs
  • Promptly notifying the appropriate department of errors and omissions
  • Coordinating corrections (e.g., Easy Correct journal, email Accounting Services, etc.) and following up to confirm that your corrections were completed
  • Ensuring accurate accounting records are maintained

An approver/owner is a department manager with fiscal responsibility over the cost center or project including reconciliations and decision-making authority for UTSA resources. As an approver/owner, you are responsible for:

  • Stewardship of UTSA's assets, including preventing overspending of departmental budgets
  • Ensuring that your cost centers/project IDs are reconciled and reconciliations are reviewed each month
  • Ensuring the correction of all errors for your cost centers/project IDs have been completed or requested
  • Ensuring all financial transactions for your cost centers/project IDs are accurate, allowable and appropriate